Client Reviews

I have used Stacey for years. Being in a field that requires me to travel across country I have had my fair share of tickets. Fortunately I have had every ticket handled professionally and quickly and have avoided points on my record.


Mrs. Meinen has been providing legal advice to my Family since 2012. She is always at the top of every case and has been fighting for our rights. She has won several cases against collections companies that were harassing us. She is a great legal professional.


I received many advertisements in the mail after opening a few Stacy’s caught my attention. I called we set an appointment met at a mutual place she had all her documents ready organized I had what I needed that was the only meeting. Stacy made it easy affordable and she treats you with respect. The process was fast. We did any necessary signatures via the email. My case is closed and I can’t thank Stacy enough fir her services I would recommend Stacy to everyone I know that needs this type of service.

Susan Zeman

I knew the first time I talked to Stacey that she has the experience, drive and professionalism to manage my case. She kept me informed during the entire process. She has extensive knowledge on how to deal with creditors. She won! I highly recommend.


During a difficult time when I had multiple creditors suing me for old debt I could not afford, Stacey helped me through each case in a simple matter. I never had to show up to court, she always kept me up to date with the process, and all the cases were resolved at an affordable rate. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need.

St. Louis Client

Events happened and I found myself needing a lawyer. I was getting several letters a day from lawyers around the area advertising and asking for my business. I was not going to hire a lawyer through a mailer. One day going through my mail, I came across an advertisement from Stacey Meinen. Her mailer struck me differently. It was not like she was just asking me for my business or my money. It was like she truly knew and understood my issue and wanted to help. I called the number on the advertisement and she answered the phone right away. I explained what was going on. She was very easy to talk to, you could tell she was non judgemental of the situation, and she very willing to work with me. I hired her right then and there. I did what I said I wasn’t going to do, hire through a mailer. She was very thorough in all her explanations of what I could expect from her and others involved in the case. Everything worked out exactly as she said it would. She kept in contact. Her communication skills are great, she is empathetic, she is affordable, she is honest. I could not have had a better experience. I highly recommend her.

St. Louis Client

Stacey was extremely helpful when an old creditor from 10 yrs ago tried to sue me. With her knowledge of the Fair Debt Collection Act. She was able to get the case dismiss for many violations on the collection company. Thanks Again!

Rodney Shrum

Stacey is remarkable!! She has been doing helpful to me, explaining things soon I could understand them like no one else could. She empowered me rather than belittling me. I highly recommend her!

Becky Lyn Rickman

I met with Stacey to handle a legal matter for me and I have to say… She was knowledgeable, on top of her lawyer game, friendly, easy to talk to and ask questions, and organized. I am looking forward to working with her, she is not like any other lawyer I have worked with, and I feel confident that she will handle my all of mine and my husbands legal needs with ease!!

St. Louis Client